Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Meg Myers - Go

Blimey. It’s time to rock. Another track from Meg Myers and her Make A Shadow EP and this one pulls absolutely no punches going in hard and full on. It’s got whistling, blasts of f*ck off rock guitar and by the end you can hear Meg giving herself what sounds like a very sore throat. Someone send her a packet of Strepsils please.

Remember all that ‘rock music is dead’ nonsense that us music bloggers and journalists like to go on about and debate? Well we ask anybody who is saying that now to tell Meg Myers. We suspect you wouldn’t just get a polite ‘thanks for letting me know’. We expect she’d shove her fingers violently up your nostrils and follow through with a severe kicking judging on the sound of this record.

If you want cuddly music, move on please. But those who want to get angry, thrash around, punch the wall and just tell everyone to go away, this one will do you proud.

Meg Myers - Go

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