Monday, 13 January 2014

Glass - New Waves

From the warm electronics to the smothered beats to the lyrics about being so close and intimate with someone, their body asleep, but you’re awake in the discomfort of thought that you don’t truly care for them, this debut song from Glass is a bit of a beauty. Labelling his music as future soul Glass may be right on the zeitgeist in terms of the sounds and production, but behind all that there are all the things that make a song resonate just that little bit more such as emotion and a cracked humanity - in this case mixing lust with self-loathing.

Bed comes from the forthcoming debut EP Follies and Old Flames, due late January. It has our favourite cover art (see above) of the year so far. We’re a sucker for anything with the sea on it. Add some artistic flames contained within a see through box (we’re guessing it’s a metaphor for some sort of trapped fiery emotion) and you’ve got us right there.

So who is Glass? If you don't want to know stop reading now, but for the rest of you (and referencing point 14 of this list) here's what we know:

His real name is Jordan Cohen and he quotes James Blake, The Weeknd, Mount Kimbie, Sohn and Chet Faker as references. There's some other music of his online but it's not under the name Glass. Some of it may involve acoustic guitars. It's not as good as Bed so we'd recommend you don't bother trying to find it. However as Glass he has also produced this track for Jonah McGowan which is worth a listen.

Glass - Bed

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