Monday, 6 January 2014

Is Tropical & Rose Elinor Dougall - When I'm With You

We’re not sure how this one has come about (management links, friendship, some sort of hook up on Tinder, or carnal shenanigans perhaps?)  but here are two acts that both featured on Breaking More Waves back in the olden days, who haven’t really got a look in recently (although we may well have given mention to this NSFW video on our Twitter timeline a while back.)

So what has the meeting of artistic minds of electro-art-terrorists Is Tropical (or at least Dom from the band) and everyone’s favourite ex-pop-pipette-gone-indie Rose Elinor Dougal conjured up? Only  a cover of When I’m With You, originally performed by Sparks, a band who alongside Kraftwerk and The Pet Shop Boys featured some of the best motionless keyboard playing in the history of pop.

The Tropical Rose (for that’s what we’re calling them) version sounds very much as if its paying homage to the likes of those aforementioned electronic legends (as well as Giorgio Moroder). This is like dreamy highbrow synth sex, all pulsing and throbbing, but somehow richly aloof at the same time. It's the musical version of taps - both hot and cold, but never coming out lukewarm. Enjoy.

Footnote: There were an awful lot of unnecessary brackets in this post (but we like them).

Is Tropical & Rose Elinor Dougall - When I'm With You

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