Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fickle Friends - Swim

Here’s a song we mentioned a few days ago which went public today and has already been picked up by a number of blogs leading to over 1000 plays on Soundcloud in its first few hours on line - not bad for a virtually unknown band who had about 2000 plays in several months before that with a previous song. It's also just sneaked onto the Hype Machine charts so expect that play count to continue upwards.

Swim is lusher and smoother than previous track I Want / You Want which we introduced the Brighton five-piece with in December (that song has now mysteriously been taken off line). Swim sounds like it’s been influenced by hanging out in the sun by the bars under the arches on the beach last summer in their home town; it’s certainly  a song to get the factor 30 sun screen out for because it’s blazing with hooky guitar riffs, bright synthy heart punchers and even a little bit of funkiness. It's a hot indie groove for a cold January. 

Recorded with James Earp (Bipolar Sunshine, Nina Nesbitt) Swim has been described by Fickle Friends lead singer Natti as following the idea that “people get mixed-up in confusion and sometime feels like they're drowning.” You can purchase it on the new Killing Moon and Ally McCrae compilation New Moons Vol 1 which also features the much blogged here south coast singer Laurel who Fickle Friends will be supporting at the Barfly in Camden next week on the 9th. If you live in London why not make that your first gig of the year?

Fickle Friends - Swim

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