Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Låpsley - Station (Video)

As a new music blogger there comes a great pleasure in discovering a song that comes along with no fanfare, writing about it, and then slowly watching that song go supernova, from a few hundred plays to over one hundred thousand plays in a couple of weeks. This is the case with Station by Liverpool’s Holly Lapsley Fletcher, better known as Låpsley.

Station is our favourite song of 2014 so far. (OK, we wrote about it in 2013, but the momentum really didn’t get going till over the New Year period).

Now there’s a simple but effective video directed by Mike Brits that perfectly suits the elegant ambience of this ‘duet’ with a twist. If this was the last song we ever heard in our life we would die happy. Still and always beautiful.

Låpsley - Station (Video)

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Unknown said...

I lived this when you first featured it, gorgeous