Monday, 13 January 2014

Feathers - Wild Love

Probably one of the more interesting things about the current Depeche Mode world tour (which at the risk of being throttled by the Depeche Mode hardcore we’d say was distinctly 3.5/5) is the choice of support bands, which has included the likes of How To Dress Well, The Jezabels and Breaking More Waves' favourites Chvrches. Propping up the winter leg of the tour at this moment is Feathers (you may remember the pulsing and pounding Land of the Innocent from here?) who have in the past found themselves referenced more than once as the female Depeche Mode.

Now they’re back with a song called Wild Love which certainly has touches of the sound of the dark-synthpop masters that they have become associated with as well as (to find a more modern reference point) Austra. DJ’s who spin tunes (or press play on an MP3) in electropop clubs attended by sexy young men and women in black garments, quite possibly leather, put this one on, turn up the strobes / dry ice and the chances are babies will be made.

Wild Love is taken from a new EP, which you can hear by clicking here.

Feathers - Wild Love

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