Saturday, 11 January 2014

Abbey Bowden - New Waves

The name Abbey Bowden was one we’d seen cropping up a number of times over the last few weeks in various places; in our email inbox, twitter feed and a couple of days back on Just Music That I Like, a blog that we can trust to bring us the best in the 3 F’s (fuzzy, folky and female vocals).

So we thought it was about time we pressed play and we’re glad we did.

For Bowden sings with a gorgeous celestial blue, the song Still being a fine example, all simply plucked strings and a choir girl voice with a fleck of soul. It reminds us a little of Ane Brun. The other song on her Soundcloud, a live demo of a song called Changing Boats continues the sensual calmness brought on by Still, this time accompanied by melancholy piano chords as well as acoustic guitar. These songs are the kind we’d love to hear played in a quiet chapel; ironically last night Abbey was due to play in St Pancras Old Church in London, a perfect setting for her music.

Abbey Bowden - Still

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