Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wintercoats - Delicate Position (Ft. Sea Oleena)

Some of you may remember Wintercoats aka James Wallace from Ballarat, Australia who we first introduced back in January. He’s an artist who carefully creates hushed works of minimalism that envelope you with their ambient tones.

Since then James has released a cover version of TV Personalities Someone to Share My Life With and now recently surfacing is this genteel lullaby called Delicate Position which features the vocals of Montreal’s Sea Oleena. The light touch of the female voice together with the plucked violins work to create a quietly heavenly atmosphere that adds to Wallace’s growing collection of meditative songs. You won’t hear these pieces banging out of heavy club or festival PA systems this summer, but find a quiet space somewhere, put your headphones on and let Wintercoats kiss your ears.

Delicate Position (Ft. Sea Oleena) by Wintercoats

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