Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Kid Kasio - Over And Over (Video)

Here is a new video for a new song by Kid Kasio. The words ‘new song’ are important here, if you’re a connoisseur of 80’s electropop. Wait for the first moments of bongo percussion to kick in and you will recognise the beat as a sample from New Song by Howard Jones; a big chart hit from the decade of outrageous haircuts and big shoulder pads. Kid Kasio delightfully digs into this period and finds pop synthtopian gold with perfect production and a terrific song.

Over and Over also shows a similarity to Jones in that despite the perky synth riffs which permeate the tune there’s an underlying melancholy to the piece, that the video also possesses, shot on location in an abandoned ghostly theme park.

Although there are no live dates announced for Kid Kasio yet these will follow at some point in the future. We very much hope that ‘the kid’ (real name Nathan) can produce the goods with a bank of synths live just as Hojo did and still occasionally does.

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