Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Julia Stone - In The City Of Lights (Video)

The Chocolates and Cigarettes EP and the Heart Full Of Wine EP by Angus & Julia Stone are two of the most treasured recordings we own, and have endeared us to both artists ever since. There’s something about the sheer simplicity of the songs that is utterly beguiling. In the same way that the most beautiful women require no make up for a beholder to admire their loveliness, the music of this Australian brother sister duo is best enjoyed unadorned of production and complication – just two voices, a guitar or piano and a lightness of touch with other instrumentation. So it is with this song, City of Lights, performed by Julia Stone – a short homespun thing of delicacy.

Angus Stone is the boyfriend of actress and activist Isabel Lucas, probably best known for her role in Aussie TV soap Home and Away between 2003 and 2006. Now she is an ambassador for Protect Our Coral Sea and the two of them have created this video to accompany Julia’s song. They say "Protect our Coral Sea gives everyone a 'don't it always seem to go 'til you don't know what you got 'til it's gone' opportunity to protect our precious Coral Sea for our children's children to enjoy. We believe it is our duty, together, to protect & love these beautiful sea creatures and their ecosystems living in this great oceanic garden. Please sign the petition - it's quicker than brushing your teeth! We hope our video inspires you to help make the Coral Sea a safe haven for marine life. Thanks for your support!” Spend two minutes watching the video, a minute signing the petition (here) even if you live outside Australia and think that at least for three minutes today you’ve done something worthwhile.

Isabel Lucas and Angus Stone's Coral Sea Love - share with your friends! from Protect Our Coral Sea on Vimeo.

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