Friday, 17 June 2011

Other Lives - For 12 (Video)

Back in April we wrote of Oklahoma orchestral folk masters Other Lives - we suspected that there would be many more posts about the band. Now let’s keep that promise.

Other Lives first UK single from their forthcoming brilliant end-to-end listen second album Tamer Animals is For 12. The song is a majestic slow motion gallop full of lush strings and ear caressing melodies evoking imagery of vast landscapes. It’s a tune that picks its way gracefully across the desert of musical averageness and forms its own little oasis; absorbing stuff of the highest quality.

This theme was part of the inspiration for the video as director Nick Davidge explains. “The first time I heard For 12 it really took my breath away, it was just such a beautifully haunting melody. It instantly started me thinking about these vast lonely landscapes and led to this idea of trying to visualize the most isolated human experiences, finding a situation that really captured the feeling of being utterly separated from humanity.”

Besides the release of this video, Other Lives have also announced some UK shows. The group will play 3 festivals – Summer Sundae, Green Man and End of the Road as well as dates in August at Manchester Deaf Institute and London Lexington.

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