Saturday, 13 December 2008

Little Boots - Ones To Watch 2009

Breaking More Waves second choice of artists to watch in 2009 is Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots.

Whilst the UK music scene may not have any one overriding trend or scene at the moment, there are quite of few of these shiny disco ball belles bouncing around at the moment, yesterdays artist La Roux being one and Little Boots being another. She is without question the best. This lady brings technology and the dance floor to the top of the agenda, melting out any other business before it has even started.

Little Boots is exactly what Breaking More Waves wants our pop stars to be. She’s fifty per cent cool, gaining rave reviews in a whole variety of dance and fashion magazine’s, and fifty per cent geek, posting up videos of herself doing cover versions in her bedroom. With her tenorian, keytar and stylophone as pieces of kit used to create her music, and odd, sexy, innocent looks, she’ll probably soon have a whole bunch of geeky glasses wearing male science students queuing at her door.

As a live performer Little Boots is already extremely confident and accomplished as Breaking More Waves recently witnessed at a recent London gig. Furthermore, there is no Xenomania song writing team behind her, just a whole batch of quirky catchy songs that she writes herself. With Joe Goddard from Hot Chip on board to help with production, it seems that Victoria will soon be stepping out to trample whatever is in her way.

But lurking beneath the synth pop disco sound, there is a real talent who fulfils those old fashioned ideals of being able to write, play and sing.

Pop music has a new heroine come to save us from the evil of X Factor. Save us Little Boots, save us !

Here's a video that shows Victoria in a more acoustic reflective mood, stripping things back to the core with an almost Kate Bush like version of Stuck On Repeat.

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