Monday, 15 July 2013

The Hics - New Waves

The Hics, a soothing six piece from London bring downtempo soul, electronica and even an occasional bit of sax to the coffee table. Their sound may be unhurried and languid but it’s rather pleasant (pleasant is an awful word, but when you hear them you'll know what we mean - sometimes pleasant is a good thing) and fans of the likes of James Blake and Jessie Ware could be easily be converted to their gentle ways. If you like your music brash, loud, full of angry snotty guitars and energetic noise we advise you to stay away, but if you want the music equivalent of a thick duvet on a Sunday to wrap yourself up in, press play.

Consisting of Sam Paul Evans, Roxanne B, Jacob Welsh, Matt Knox, Geordan Reid- Campbell and David Turay, the nucleus of the band met at Pimlico Academy and started putting tracks on line sometime around the end of last year. Since then, rather like their music, they’ve been slowly nuzzling themselves up to listening ears and finding a slow growth of love with tracks like the atmospheric Cold Air, the seductive Lines and a remix for disco dolly Ronika. It's Tangle however, the best track they’ve put out so far, that we’re introducing the band with. Featuring male-female co-vocals, slow handclaps and sultry bedroom vibes this song is creamily rich and full of late night mellowness. Shut your eyes and let the sounds stroke you softly.

Tangle will be the band’s debut single proper released on Aug 19th. The Hics play a headline show at Elektrowerkz in Lndon on the 1st August.

The Hics - Tangle

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