Friday, 26 July 2013

Camp Bestival 2013 - Preview

Go to Camp Bestival’s website and the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s nothing about the festival’s music headliners. Instead you’ll find pictures of medieval jousting, fireworks over a castle, tots TV entertainer Mr tumble and kids making giant bubbles.

For Camp Bestival isn’t your typical music festival. 

Of course there are bands there, from the likes of newer acts such as Breaking More Waves favourites London Grammar, Gabrielle Aplin, Skinny Lister and Valerie June to older stagers such as Richard Hawley, The Levellers and Heaven 17, but Camp Bestival has established itself as a well-loved mid-sized festival  by marketing itself to families.

Many festivals make a token gesture at accommodating families, but usually the entertainment for children is tucked away on one small part of the site. At Camp Bestival everyone is treated equally. For example the Upper and Lowers Kid’s Gardens, set right next to Lulworth Castle, take up nearly half the floor space of the festival. However Camp Bestival doesn’t fully separate out adult and kids entertainment, with some of children’s acts appearing on the main stage in the morning before the bands start. 

So what can you expect besides the live music ? There's the likes of Horrible Histories, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, a summer panto of Alice In Wonderland, Wall of Death Motorbikes, kids theatre, the insect circus, crazy golf, bike and play areas, 360 cinema shows, puppetry, big wheels, maypole dancing, falconry, science tents and much much more. There are poets authors and talks from the likes of Eddie (The Eagle) Edwards on ‘How To Fly’, Jo Whiley on ‘How To Present’ and Charlie Brooks on ‘How To Play A Baddie’ (Interviewed by Sara Cox). There’s also the return of the fabulous Young British Foodies tent (last year we discovered Maramalade Vodka there……mmmmmm) and the lovely Women’s Institute Tea Tent. Add in a bunch of DJ’s such as Grandmaster Flash, Sasha, Fabio & Groovrider, John Kennedy, kids TV favourites Dick & Dom and our very own Sunday Best Forum Allstars (a bunch of DJ’s who we group together who have mainly never DJ’d in their life before, selected from an on line audition) and what you have is a festival where anyone from age 1 to 80 can find something to enjoy.

Oh, and the music ? How about a band recreating Daft Punk's Discovery live, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, Clean Bandit, Labrinth, Billy Bragg, Ash, Mark Owen from Take That, Lissie, The Polyphonic Spree and many more including those mentioned near the start of this preview.

It's also not just about being entertained sonically, but with the eyes as well; Camp Bestival prides itself on its site dressing and visual aesthetic, it’s like a cross between fairyland and a warped village fete.

Of course for those who want to get off their faces and party till 4 in the morning Camp Bestival really isn’t going to be suitable (bigger brother Bestival on the Isle of Wight is more suited to that), but for those who either want something a little easier going or have grown up partying at festivals, now have children, but still want to experience the thrill, the beauty and happiness of a music festival in an environment with all of their family, Camp Bestival comes more than highly recommended.

We’ll be bringing a full review of Camp Bestival 2013, which takes place on the 1-4 August 2013 very soon after the festival is over. If you fancy joining the fun you can grab tickets here.

Here are 3 of our must see acts at Camp Bestival 2013 (including the brand new video from London Grammar, released today)

London Grammar - Strong (Video)

Gabrielle Aplin - Home (Video)

Lewis Watson - Into The Wild (Video)

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