Monday, 15 July 2013

Chvrches - Gun (Auntie Flo Remix)

We really like the idea of an elderly bespectacled Auntie doing remixes, sitting there in her vintage Macintosh chair with her laptop, banging out some beats, breaks and drops during a break from knitting her nephew a new scarf for the forthcoming winter and making a nice sponge cake for the family.

Unfortunately Auntie Flo is a traitor. For Flo is a man! Surely Trading Standards should be involved here? However, he does wear glasses and for all we know might enjoy a spot of knitting and cake baking after he’s finished his knob twiddling productions. Let's not make assumptions.

Today Chvrches announced a raft of new dates (that’s live shows,  not some sort of endorsement of a new variety of fruit from a palm tree in a bizarre piece of Glasgow based synth-pop food related product endorsement), the details of which can be be found here. In celebration of this Auntie Flo has got to work, not with the knitting needles but with his knobs and buttons. The results are smooth as.

*Footnote - notice the way we managed to succesfully negotiate a whole blog post that included Auntie Flo and never mention Bod? (Younger readers or those lacking in kids TV culture knowledge, if you don't know about Aunt Flo and Bod, that's what Google was invented for; wasting time looking up 1970's kids TV characters just in case you might have to answer a question about one in a pub quiz one day.)

Chvrches - Gun (Auntie Flo remix)

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a reference to the menstrual cycle more than anything else...