Thursday, 15 September 2011

Still Corners - Into The Trees

With their debut album Creatures of an Hour, out October 10 on Sub Pop, Breaking More Waves favourites Still Corners have just released this new song Into The Trees, for free download. Bizarrely if it wasn’t for lead singer Tessa’s ghostly whispered vocal Into The Trees could easily be mistaken from something from the second album by The Horrors, particularly Sea Within A Sea, complete with psychedelic overtones and the distant characterisation of always holding back, never going full-on for the jugular.

Is it shoegaze? Is it dream-pop? Does a genre name really matter? The only question you need to ask yourself is do you like it? Does it make you feel something? Does it make you want to shut your eyes and drift off to a place better than the one you’re in right now? The very fact that it’s featured on this blog gives you our answers to these questions. Sometimes music just takes you there doesn’t it?

Still Corners - Into the Trees

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