Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Daughter - Love

Elena Tonra aka Daughter is back with a new EP, Wild Youth. We’re very pleased to be streaming a track taken from that EP entitled Love on Soundcloud below.

We love Soundcloud a lot and sometimes the little comments that people make on the player make us laugh. Let’s have a look at some of the comments for this song. Godslovetomoney kicks things off before the track even starts with “awesome soundz, i think a lil bit björk.” We’ll excuse the poor spelling and ignore that except for the obvious fact Elena is a female singing a non-formulaic contemporary song, it doesn’t sound that much like Bjork at all, but agree with the sentiments that it is indeed quite lovely (sorry we can’t bring ourselves to use the word awesome – the most over used word in the today – we blame Fearne Cotton). Go For Gold does better at 3.25. “Great atmosphere! We dig the distant vocals and solid drums.” Although again we feel slightly uncomfortable with the word ‘dig’ – the connotations to holes, spades and burial are too much for us. However again, we share the sentiment if not all the words. Philwmusic does even better “Heartbreaking yet compelling - thank you for sharing.” Well done Philwmusic, in just a few words you’ve summarised your emotions for the song and been polite as well. You are truly a man after our own hearts.

So who is the idiot near the end at 5.27? What are they saying and why? That name seems strangely familiar, doesn't it ? They have a point though.

The Wild Youth EP will be released on November 21. It will feature four songs entitled Home, Medicine, Youth and Love. You can download Love for free now. Oh, and toast and peanut butter is not available to download, but can be enjoyed on line, or at least the toast can, (in a roundabout way) here. It should also be available in all good kitchens.

Daughter - Love (taken from 'The Wild Youth EP')

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You can download Peanut Butter courtesy of Ghostpoet