Monday, 26 September 2011

Salt Ashes - New Waves

When someone says “She will probably be up your street if you enjoy the music of people like Ellie Goulding and Lights and Kate Bush and that sort of thing,” then you can be certain that the interest of Breaking More Waves will be roused.

So from that moment of arousal meet Salt Ashes – a potential pop star in the making, although currently unsigned. Salt Ashes is from Brighton, another seaside city just a few miles down the road from Breaking More Waves HQ of Portsmouth. An ex-vocal coach (she worked on German TV show Popstars on Stage), earlier this year she self-released an impressive under-the-radar EP called Sirens Roar under a different name; Ruse. If you live in Brighton, you may have already seen her perform in the city using this first name. As seems to be the trend these days (hello Lana Del Rey) now that Ruse has done the donkey work a new moniker is in order – hence Salt Ashes – although a quick Google search does reveal that various other incarnations of Ruse already exist and to avoid any law suits and difficult Google searches a name change was probably very advisable.

By now you’re probably thinking not another pop singer who has a line in dramatic soprano vocals – the whole Kate-Bush-brought-up-to-date-with-pop-and-electronic-synthy-modern-production-that-sounds-a-bit-like-Ellie-Goulding has been done to death. This is where you are categorically wrong. You can NEVER have enough singers who sound a bit like Kate-Bush-brought-up-to-date-with-pop-and-electronic-synthy-modern-production-that-sounds-a-bit-like-Ellie-Goulding. It’s a bit like saying that you can do without any more air, or water or chocolate digestive biscuits.

So to the music. Probably by this stage you’ve either stopped reading because the idea of Kate-Bush-brought-up-to-date-with-pop-and-electronic-synthy-modern-production-that-sounds-a-bit-like-Ellie-Goulding is not your thing, or you can’t be bothered with reading this much text (try one of those blogs that just posts with no commentary, no voice and no personality next time) or you find this whole post quite annoying and just want to press play. However if you are still with us (and thank you) then we’d say that the monster length Edge of the Heart also has elements of Kylie and Little Boots and would need a big edit to get it radio play, whilst Fire is characterised by some neat squiggly sounding electronics and that Love In The Echo is the mature piano ballad that shows that Salt Ashes is more than just a Kate-Bush-brought-up-to-date-with-pop-and-electronic-synthy…ok we’ll stop now. Press play please. PLEASE.

Fire by Salt Ashes

Love In The Echo by Salt Ashes

Edge Of The Heart by Salt Ashes

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maria said...

what an amazing voice, it gives you goose pimples with the sheer pleasure of listening to it,loved it. More please.