Friday, 30 September 2011

Picture Book - Send The Army In / Surrender

Picture Book are no strangers to Breaking More Waves, their impeccably produced electronic pop and the tantalising vocal of Greta Svabo Bech managing to easily secure a bit of space in our hearts (and on our blog) whilst making our feet dance deliriously. Whilst many of the tracks we’ve featured in the past have now been taken off-line the gorgeous Sunshine remains and to this two new songs have been added.

Send The Army In is a flamenco-flavoured piece of sunshine electro that paints the world with a bit of colour, whereas as Surrender is a big hands-in-the air club anthem that we can easily, ahem, surrender to. As the cold winter nights wash in, this is music that can take you back to a world of sexy cocktails, dancing on seafront terraces and feeling utterly at one with the world and right now we couldn’t think of anything nicer than that.

Send The Army In by Picture Book

Surrender by Picture Book

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