Saturday, 28 March 2009

Passion Pit - The Reeling

Here at Breaking More Waves we don't normally post reviews of singles so upfront as this, but right now we are feeling like a desperate lover, unable to constrain our unbridled lust for the new Passion Pit single The Reeling. So review it we must even though the damn song isn't out until the 11th May in the UK.

The Reeling is confirmation that the Chunk Of Change EP wasn't just a fluke and that our tipping of Passion Pit as one of our Ones To Watch For 2009 was entirely justified. The Reeling is dizzy distorted dance pop that rides the wave of hype with a keyboard shaped surfboard and seventies style disco beats. Michael Angelakos banks his trademark falsetto up against a full on children's choir with an infectiously catchy chorus of "Look at me oh look at me, is this the way I'll always be, oh no, oh no." It's a shuddering beast of a pop single that deserves to be heard at every indie dance party in the land.

There's no video at the moment, but if you haven't heard it on the radio yet, this handy little widget will let you hear the song.

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