Monday, 5 March 2012

[Strangers] - Shine On You

[Strangers] are, er….no strangers to Breaking More Waves. This is the seventh time we’ve posted about them. And this is the best post so far, because of this song. Forthcoming single Shine On You is an ambitious euphoric hands-in-the-air electronic anthem. Previously sheltering under the dark-pop tag, here [Strangers] come out of the shadows into the sun; you can feel the warmth of musical rays amongst the big woah-oh-oh hooks and sovereign synths. Shine On You is hugely uplifting; if music is about escapism and making you feel better about life then this should be prescribed by every doctor out there.

The song is released through Killing Moon/Beatwolf Records on April 16. It’s a day for glorious celebration. Mark it in your diaries.

[Strangers - Shine On You]

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