Monday, 12 March 2012

Dems - Bridesmaid

Today two halves make the whole. Because in the first half of the day we brought you the new video for Inner O by Dems and now this evening here’s another new Dems track, this time on a Soundcloud stream. It’s called Bridesmaid. We might have involved Dems in this two posts in a row business before you know.

Bridesmaid will particularly appeal to people who like us like Gold Panda and Active Child. It’s four minutes and eleven seconds of ear soothing jitteriness. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms it isn’t, because these electronic jitters are more akin to the ripples on a pond; slightly distorting reality but calming nonetheless.

Bridesmaid forms the other half of the single with Inner O which if you missed it you can find here.

Dems - Bridesmaid

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