Friday, 30 March 2012

Elliphant - TeKKno Scene

Here is a list of bonkers things.

The debut track by ElliphantIn The Jungle, which we featured here and here.

Lady Ga Ga

The duck billed platypus

Eating soup with a fork

This song (obviously)

Brussel sprout flavour ice cream

Headless chickens running around

The second track released by Elliphant - TeKKno Scene featuring Adam Kanyama.

TeKKno Scene is bonkers. It’s standing up and shouting “Me ! Just look how bloody bonkers I am. I’m mad. I’ve even got two capital letters in the middle of my title. And I sound a bit like M.I.A  and she’s a bit bonkers isn’t she? Look I’ve got electronic bleeps that sound like whizzing out of control fireworks. I’ve got street party beats that are equal parts from the Caribbean and Notting Hill Carnival. I’ve got a Swedish rapper. I’ve got flirty pick and mix sounds, a collage of chants and every now and then I bash a little bell. I am bonkers."

Maybe it’s the global economy, maybe it’s the media, but much of the world of pop music is becoming more and more conservative / safe. More than ever we need music that is bonkers. So let’s appreciate TeKKno Scene.

Elliphant - TeKKno Scene featuring Adam Kanyama

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