Friday, 16 March 2012

Curxes - Haunted Gold (Video)

In the days when a low budget You Tube pop music video can often just be a few random images recorded on an iPhone or stolen from the internet and pieced together in a few minutes you have to admire a band  that are prepared to invest a significant amount of time in the creation process. Built from nothing with several tubs of glitter, an old scanner and a lot of patience this animated video for Haunted Gold by Curxes (which we streamed the audio of just a few days ago and wrote about fully here) saw the light of day just a few days ago. If you're a fan of sexual symbolism, see how many images you can count that could have some sort of 'coupling' reference; there's more to this video than just an arbitrary series of objects. Or maybe that's just us.

Haunted Gold will be available to buy on iTunes from April 10.

Curxes - Haunted Gold (Video)

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Unknown said...

I love this, good work Curxes