Monday, 19 March 2012

Colour Coding - Perfect (Video) / Had It All

Cast your mind back to the beginning of January and you may recall a new Australian band we introduced named Colour Coding formed from members of Operator Please. 

Over the weekend the group revealed their debut video for Perfect the lead track from their EP Proof. To match the lyrical sentiments the video is sugary-sweet and romantic; girls wouldn’t you just adore a boyfriend like this one? Well maybe, but what we want to know is whether he’s also the sort of guy who won’t complain about cleaning up after your dog has just chewed up his best trainers, will cook you a delicious meal when you’ve both been out and had a stressful day at work and in 20 years-time when you’re forty and sporting a heavy dose of middle-aged spread will he still look at you and tell you that he loves you and mean it? If he is, well maybe then he’s pretty perfect. Otherwise maybe he’s just trying to get inside your knickers. The harsh cynic police can arrest us now.

To add to the video we’re also streaming another track from the bands EP called Had It All. A bubbly piece of tropical indie it shows that these two fresh faced cousins know how to make galloping melodic pop. “You could have had it all, but you messed up,” they sing, a counter to the idealism of Perfect perhaps?

Colour Coding - Had It All

Colour Coding - Perfect (Video)

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