Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Laura Welsh - New Waves

Breaking More Waves has a bit of a reputation for featuring female vocalists – this post will do nothing to dispel that - as we introduce Laura Welsh. Laura is a very new artist; that is if we judge artists by their Facebook profiles, which in this case has only been active for 3 months. Yet in that short space of time we’ve already seen the likes of Communion Records, Marina & The Diamonds and our UK blog buddies (we’d use the word lovers if it could be taken in a non-sexualised way – but maybe UK blog family would be better) Flying With Anna, Von Pip Musical Express and The Blue Walrus all scribing about her.

It’s not surprising that Laura is getting noticed. She’s already done the groundwork releasing the Love Live On EP under the name Laura and the Tears in the distant past. It picked up some support from Radio 2; yes, even Terry Wogan played a song from it. Then a stylistic change to a 60’s soul sound led to the moniker of Hey Laura being used and more fans being won without any commercial success. But doing the groundwork is not enough - there has to be talent and Laura undeniably has bucket loads of it.

The music and songs that are now starting to emerge under Laura’s real name aren’t breaking any new ground and veer heavily towards the mainstream, but they’re full of a emotive power that smacks the soul. Ghosts, which is currently available for free download (and streams below) is a piano driven ballad with gospel style backing vocals that finds Laura singing of a sadness deep down in her soul and needing the help to lay ghosts to rest. Another tune 45 is of Olympic proportions -the kind of song we imagine that X-Factor contestants will be covering in three years from now when everyone really has had enough of Adele / Whitney / Amy / Lana / Mariah (delete as appropriate) cover versions. A third track Diggin’ For Gold, which streams on her Tumblr, is a toe-tapping jazz-soul blend of organ fed sweetness and clattering beats that again show that Laura isn’t going to win any points for innovation but has songs that comfortably wrap around the ears.

For now X-Factor cover notoriety is still some way off as Laura Welsh remains an emerging artist, but one that it’s worth keeping an ear out for as the year progresses. It seems that after a first couple of near false starts her new music could be ready for charging to the finish line.  

Laura Welsh - Ghosts

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