Thursday, 8 March 2012

Alice Jemima - All The Boyfriends

Fundamentally music blogging is someone with an over-inflated perception of how good their taste is, wanting to tell the rest of the world about it. Most new music blog posts boil down to one simple thing ‘Here’s some music I love and I want you to love it to.’

It’s why we started writing about Alice Jemima in Spring 2011. At first she was our little secret, not that we wanted her songs to be hidden. That’s why we posted them on the blog. Now, slowly but surely, others are sharing the secret. There have been features on blogs such as The Music Ninja, My Band's Better Than Your Band, Brapscallions, Flying With Anna and Just Music That I Like in the last few weeks and Alice was tipped by BBC Introducing Bristol as one to watch at the start of the year. Her song Far From Here made it as far as the Hype Machine Top 30 following a Breaking More Waves blog post. This may not seem that incredible but when you consider that these days the majority of the most popular tracks on Hype Machine are Jay-Z, Adele or Skrillex remixes, buzz bands posted by Pitchfork indebted bloggers or music industry led campaigns there’s something quite gratifying about a young independent singer-songwriter from Devon posting her songs up on line and with no PR machine at all people finding love for her music in an organic way.

It’s the word love that we see being written time and time again about Alice Jemima. She’s that sort of artist – there’s something delicate and impossibly romantic sounding about her songs. Maybe it’s the simplicity of them, maybe it’s her sweet voice, maybe it’s the fact that in a musical world where the dubstep remix, Rihanna and Katy Perry seem to dominate there are people out there who want to hear something purer. But whatever it is, maybe it’s time for you to fall in love too? Here’s a new song from this prolific talent. It’s called All The Boyfriends. It’s what real magic sounds like.


Alice Jemima plays The Old Queens Head, Islington, London on the 10th April in support to another Breaking More Waves favourite, Emily & The Woods. Tickets are available here.

Alice Jemima - All The Boyfriends

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