Monday, 5 March 2012

Grimes - Oblivion (Video)

Grimes aka Claire Boucher from Canada has rapidly risen from being an electronic princess in waiting to pretty much the queen of the internet and the blogs. She’s also the kind of artist that by rights should be all over Breaking More Waves as she ticks all of those female vocal, slightly alternative, ethereal, electronic boxes that we hanker to tick as often as possible.

Yet since our initial post on her in April 2011 we’ve not featured Grimes at all. We’d like to pretend that there was some deep well thought out reason for this, for example maybe we could explain that we were deeply cynical about the amount of internet buzz Grimes was getting and didn’t think that she justified it. Unfortunately though the reasons are more simple; we just never got round to it in the limited time we have to put these posts together. There was always something else that we wanted to write about or had just pre-written a weeks worth of posts just as Grimes cropped up with her new track. Which is a shame because her forthcoming album on the 4AD label promises a lot. Genesis was a beautiful mix of Kraftwerk like electronic minimalist beauty with floaty Cocteau Twins meets Lykke Li wonder and had us nodding our head in agreement with our blogging peer group.

Now here’s a new video for Oblivion, which has been out there for a few days now, but this time we want to make sure the phrase better late than never applies. Oblivion is a friskier and more playful tune than Genesis, but nonetheless an eccentrically charming piece of pop music which is characterised by Boucher’s near weightless vocals and perfectly arranged loops. Roll on the album.

Grimes - Oblivion (Video)

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