Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna (Acoustic Video)

Remember when we used to feature Marina & The Diamonds a lot on this blog? It was as far back as October 2008 when she first made an appearance, jumping around with an umbrella and suggesting that Lily Allen was ‘quite good until she wrecked it all by turning into everything she’s not,’ which is an interesting statement to look back on in the context of Marina’s current Electra Heart campaign / concept. There’s a reason why we featured Marina a lot then and less now. It is unfortunately much to do with Breaking More Waves being fan-based (rather than professional or wannabe professional) journalism and not being as enamored with the direction she’s taken her art / pop. Sometimes pop music is like a relationship. There are moments of joyous abandon, trial separations, divorces and lusty one night stands. It looked like Marina and Breaking More Waves could be heading for counselling at Relate.

However cast your mind back to 2010 when Marina popped up performing Hollywood acoustically with some knitted strawberries on her shoulders. We liked that. Maybe our relationship needs to get back to those simpler innocent times.

Now maybe to save us Marina has done just that with this film, shot by the same people that did Hollywood, for current single Primadonna, but without the strawberries. Compare and contrast this acoustic version with the attempt-at-a-hit radio friendly version. We’re warming to the commercial version and still desperately want the new album to fully re-establish our love, particularly as she’s leaving Radioactive off the main version (a good move). This acoustic version fully ticks our boxes.

There is a new hope. 

Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna

Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna (Acoustic Video)

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