Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons - (Live From Dalston Heights) Video

Here are some things we’ve said about Charli XCX over the last few years.

Nov 2009 “A little bit novelty act and lowest common denominator.”

May 2010 “Silly spoilt ninja hipster brat?”

May 2010 “There is something about her riot in a sweetshop zest that makes us want to climb out of the bedroom window late at night and go raving with her.”

September 2010 “She could actually be a very good pop star indeed.”

April 2011 “Saucy pop starlet in the making.”

October 2011 “Something that brings pop music neatly into a calm and considered autumn.”

December 2011 “A much greater maturity.”

March 2012 (Now)  “If this blog was X-Factor we’d probably describe the musical path of Charli XCX as ‘a journey'. It’s now one that we fully want to accompany her on.”

Right now Charli XCX has got things just right. She’s making really great cool sexy pop music. That's as in an admired attitude, sound and style influenced by and a product of the zeitgeist rather than pop music that sounds good in a fridge freezer.This version of Nuclear Seasons recorded live at Dalston Heights is stripped back and not at all lowest common denominator. It is, in actual fact, amazing. We were right in September 2010. Time is the key here. Sometimes in pop you need time to improve. Charli XCX has used that time well.

Charli XCX (Live) - Nuclear Seasons (Video)

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