Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Seasfire - Falling (Cruelty Remix)

Floating around the internet somewhere is a Lana Del Rey remix. In fact there are hundreds of the things. We’re pretty sure that if the Breaking More Waves pet hamster could make a remix, he’d have a go at Lana Del Rey first. After all hamsters only live a couple of years and by the time Frisbee (for that is the hamster’s name) visits the pet cemetery Lana Del Rey’s career may be on a similar trajectory, such is the brutal nature of the pop beast, so best to get in quick. Yesterday we even heard a Lana Del Rey remix playing on the in-store sound system of our local Asda supermarket, oddly whilst buying hamster food.

One of those remixes you can find on the internet is by Cruelty. It’s seven minutes and eleven seconds of electronic escapism and provides a handy and seamless link to the track below - a Cruelty remix of Bristol’s eerie popsmiths Seasfire. You may remember them from a New Waves feature we ran in January. Since then the four piece having been picking up valuable exposure in the UK from radio types that you’d expect to give an early nod to emerging talent such as Amazing Radio, Rob da Bank and Steve Lamacq. They’re also heading down to Brighton’s annual new music shindig The Great Escape in May.

Cruelty doesn’t seem to go for short remixes. He, she or they (maybe Cruelty isn’t even a human – maybe they’re a hamster) grabs Seasfire’s Falling and turns it into one monster after-dinner eight and a half minute groove that spirals, twists and turns to reach that higher state. More fun than running round in one of those plastic rodent exercise balls even?

Seasfire - Falling Cruelty Remix

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