Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ronika - Automatic

Today we probe into the unchartered waters of that which according to the rules of pop chapter 3 paragraph 4.2 should never be spoken of – pop stars heights. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gasp as you learn that Prince is even smaller than you think at 5’ 1’’ yes he's almost as tiny as Kylie Minogue who just clocks in at 5’ 0’’. You can have a chortle at Gary Barlow from Take That who is 5’ 7” but he still towers over band mate Mark Owen who is a midget sized  5’ 5”.  One of the biggest rock stars in the world Bono is a mere 5’ 7” which probably explains why he likes wearing those high leather cowboy boots whilst poor old Thom Yorke of Radiohead is no better, being only very slightly over 5’5”. No wonder he always sounds so miserable – he can hardly reach the top shelf in WH Smith's. In fact it’s difficult to find a really tall pop star at all although according to the height police Fish, once lead singer of Marillion is a real big man at a mighty 6’ 4”. Our point here is, they may look like giants on the telly, but a lot of pop and rock stars are quite vertically challenged.

Which means that today’s artist, Ronika should fit in very nicely. We’re not exactly sure of her height, but we can assure you she’s pretty small. But her music, a big old disco inferno of 80’s referencing club grooves is far from little. It’s big baby, as Tim Westwood would say. Automatic is her new single and it shakes and thrusts like a very horny version of Chic and Sister Sledge with just enough modern elements to keep it  out of the retro camp. Ronika’s setting the dance floor on fire with this one – get ready to strut your stuff in your hotpants.  It 'drops' as the cool kids would say on April 9th.

Ronika - Automatic

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Anonymous said...

This is such a fabulous song! Just been bopping whilst making a cup of earl grey and now I'm feeling happy! Go Ronika! :-D