Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Paper Crows - Cloudbusting

If there’s one track we’ve been waiting a long time for it’s this. It first appeared on Breaking More Waves in the dim and distant past of August 2010 as a You Tube stream (which has now been taken off line) and we assumed it was long buried (but never forgotten). Yet lo and behold, you can't keep a good song down, it’s the second coming, this is the resurrection, like the phoenix from the flames etc etc and every other rebirth cliche you can think of, for here it is in a newly spruced up and polished form. It's called Cloudbusting. The duo are Paper Crows.

There’s some very simple (and brilliant) musical maths going on here, so pay attention.

Kate Bush + Bjork + Paper Crows = Pop perfection.

Got it?

As we said - simple and brilliant.

Really this shouldn’t work. It really shouldn’t. We should be screaming ‘sacrilege’, but we’re not. We’re screaming ‘bloody marvellous’.

And guess what. It’s the year 2011 (just) so that means even though something is bloody marvellous, nobody is going to be prepared to pay for it, so the band are giving it away as a free download.

Let’s do the maths again. Slightly more complex this time.

Kate Bush + Bjork + Paper Crows = Bloody marvellous free pop perfection.

You can’t do better than that. Unless of course bands start paying fans to download their free download single or album. That would never happen though, would it? Oh, hold on look here.

Paper Crows - Cloudbusting

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