Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Letter To Santa

Dear Father Christmas

I know that I’m a bit late sending you this letter now, but to be honest in this day and age I thought you would have embraced technology and had the internet installed up at the North Pole. I’m sure Sky or Virgin would do you a good deal, even in your cold distant location.

However in the absence of email, this slow piece of snail mail is sent to wish you and all your elves and reindeer a very merry Christmas and to let you know that I’ve been a very good music blogger this year. I’ve not told any lies, have kept my room tidy and have left you a mince pie and a small sherry by the chimney when you visit. However after last year’s blog fiasco where you drank far too much, were very rude to all the nice Breaking More Waves readers and ended up claiming that you’d f*cked my mum I’m only leaving a very small sherry for you this time. I’m sure you’ll understand. It’s in everyone's best interests.

I’ve also been a good blogger this year as I’ve stuck to my beliefs of not blogging something just because it’s ‘cool’ or a ‘buzz’ track, but because I like the music (even if a couple of the artists I’ve written up have ended up a few months on becoming some of the biggest new acts of the year) and also not being afraid to blog about pure pop music as well as fuzzy lo-fi dirge, folk music, indie bands and melodic singer songwriters, because that represents my tastes. It’s why Santa, that I believe that fan journalism / blogging is a very different form of journalism from professional journalism and should be built around the ethos of supporting the artists you love and nothing more, whereas professional journalism has a different underlying core motive – to make money for the journalist.

So Father Christmas, please, please, please what I’d really like for Christmas are a whole bunch of ace new bands and tunes to tell those who visit my blog about. That would be lovely.

Have a good Christmas Santa, in return here’s our choice of three enjoyable Christmas songs for you to listen to whilst you finish off your last minute present wrapping, packing and sleigh adjustments prior to your gruelling day.

Happy Christmas, don't binge drink the sherry

Love Robin xx

Dog Is Dead - Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses Cover)

This Christmas by Fairline

Summer Camp - All I Wonderful Christmas Is You

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