Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lykke Li - The Lost Sessions - Vol 1

We all think we’re right about music don’t we? To one person what is high quality is another’s rubbish. We’d love to think that everything we published here everyone would adore, that everyone would recognise our incredible taste and ability to select only the best. But frankly, that’s bollocks isn’t it? Because who else, besides us, would choose the likes of a Northumbrian folk band who hardly anybody else listed in their end of year lists, the biggest selling pop/soul singer of the year and an underselling but brilliantly bonkers solo album from a member of a girl band formed on a TV show as their top 3 albums of the year? Well, we did, because ultimately they were the three albums that moved us most this year. Music is a powerful and emotive force and if we become too analytical we lose the passion. It would be like analysing if every sexual liaison with your girlfriend or boyfriend was of ‘quality’ and comparable to previous partners. Keep doing that and pretty soon the analysis would deaden the excitement itself. And you'll probably be single.

Taste, quality, cool, good, bad, these are all qualitative concepts that we could argue about until the cows come home, but the bottom line HAS to be this. Did it move you?

But sometimes we need to stop talking and listen to the music.

Now is that time.

Lykke Li has released two albums. Both have featured in their respective Breaking More Waves albums of the year lists, for the reasons above. Now she has shared with the world some recordings from what she calls The Lost Sessions Vol 1. You can listen to (and download) these demo style songs below.

Jerome - The Lost Sessions Vol 1. by LykkeLi

Youth Knows No Pain - The Lost Sessions Vol 1. by LykkeLi

I Follow Rivers - The Lost Sessions Vol 1. by LykkeLi

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