Sunday, 21 November 2010

Labyrinth Ear - White Gold

Featuring the puppet work of the late Czech animator Jiri Trnka, this new video was released by Labyrinth Ear just a few hours ago to accompany the noteworthy White Gold, taken from their free Oak EP available to download here. White Gold has a rather sinister yet sophisticatedly sweet sounding sonic spectrum – ghostly electronic atmospherics sprinkled with frostily soft vocal kisses. It sounds a little like something iamamwhoami may have created if she had actually got round to issuing her work as a formal download / cd /dvd release rather than getting so wrapped up in creating viral video campaigns and confusing the hell out of us all with films like this.

Having first featured on Breaking More Waves last month the London duo are already becoming regulars here and fit in very neatly with our aesthetics. With a significant amount of Hype Machine love, things are bubbling along nicely for Labyrinth Ear right now, with more gigs in the pipeline following their debut at In The City. The question now is can they turn free giveaways and blog love into commercial reality?

We suspect this won’t be the last piece that you read about Labyrinth Ear on this blog and for that we make no apologies. This is White Gold.

White Gold by Labyrinth Ear

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