Thursday, 11 November 2010

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude

There are some sounds that at the time seem contemporary, fashionable and completely of the moment. Yet decades on they simply define the era that they were formed, occasionally being revived in a modern context. It's a central theme to this blog. See here for a key piece to that central (or should it be circular) theme, and here for another part of it. Regular readers will know that we return to these themes quite often in our posts. If you read even more carefully you'll see that many (but not all) of our pieces interlink to these ideas and a number of other theories. It's a wonderful world wide web and somewhere that web all joins up in the middle.

If you were a record label what would you be pushing out to the masses to get a hit single right now? Strong female presence? Sexually provocative and slightly dark druggy video? Slap some auto-tune all over it? Welcome to the end of 2010. The only thing missing is a male star to deliver a mid-section rap – maybe Dizzee or Tinie Tempah weren’t available. Come 2025 this sound will probably be back in fashion and Lady Ga Ga will be returning after a 5 year break for a stadium tour where tickets cost £1000 minimum.

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude (Labrinth Remix) by PurplePR