Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Islington Boys Club - Pristine / Plastic 16

Scuttling around in the darkness Islington Boys' Club make the kind of brooding, pounding layered and slightly anthemic guitar noise that conjures up images of sexy black clad cool kids dancing moodily in a strobe lit, dry ice filled basement indie-rock club. There’s something of mid 90’s brit-angst-rock upstarts Marion (anyone remember them ?) in Pristine and Plastic 16 - the two songs featured on their debut single, due for release late November through Club.The.Mammoth, as well as shades and shadows of Placebo.

A London four piece, their sweeping jagged noise shows a black-eyelined brashness and energy that demands to be played loud. Forthcoming gigs include shows in London, Reading and Manchester and from what we hear they have a saucy and star quality frontman. The band have also remixed Worship's Collateral, the original of which you can find on the blog here and the remix is on the Islington Boys' Club Myspace Remix page (here)

Pristine streams below together with the video for Plastic 16.


Plastic 16 on Vimeo.

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