Monday, 8 November 2010

Family of the Year - Summer Girl

The Summer Girl EP by Family of the Year was actually released a couple of weeks back, but in true disorganised blogger style we managed to completely pass it by. However there’s no danger with a song like this of actually missing the boat in terms of a listening experience, because it’s a timeless mini-classic. With gentle Lennon-esque piano chords and warm melancholy harmonies Summer Girl is in equal parts sad and beautiful.

A confession – by the end of our first listen there was a little tear in our eye.

Family of the Year are Joe and Sebastian Keefe, James Buckey and Christina Schroeter from California. When you hear the song you’ll realise that they probably couldn’t really be from anywhere else. The only disappointment is that this song should have really been released mid-September, but we’re just happy it’s been released at all. You can order the whole EP here. For those who, like us, are UK based, you can catch Family of the Year at the Lexington in London next February – that’s a thought to get you through the cold winter months.

Time to cuddle up and love the beauty and reminisce about the summer.

Summer Girl by Family of the Year by CRC Music

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Anonymous said...

Joe and Seb are actually from Martha's Vineyard, MA. The song is an accurate depiction of what it's like for guys who live on the island and meet (and fall for) girls who spend their Summers here. An all too familiar thing for us. They come here, we get our hearts broken, and they go back where they came from. We're left with memories and a sense of longing. In this song, and other work by Joe Keefe, you can hear that he studied his Brian Wilson collection quite well. It could easily be one of Brian's songs, and that's a big compliment.