Friday, 26 November 2010

Bleeding Heart Narrative - Perun

Records are like potential sex partners. With so many available (see previous blog) it’s easy to make snappy fast judgements based on initial impressions. Of course we all know that’s wrong don’t we? We all know that the best songs, like the best people, often sneak up on you and you’re left wondering why did you not see how amazingly life-changing they were in the first place? Right?

But here’s a confession. Sometimes we can be shallow. We hear a new song; the first thirty seconds leave us cold, so we give up and move on. This isn’t a case of a quick rummage under the duvet, more a case of not even shaking hands or looking them in the eye.

It’s why a great start to a song is so important; there has to be something to draw you in and at least get the relationship going. This is what Perun by London’s Bleeding Heart Narrative did the first time we heard it. The first few seconds intrigued us – a singular electronic bleep, heavy echoing rhythms and stately atmospheric instrumentation left us wanting more. What came after was something tribal, cinematic and earthy – the kind of instrumentation that Kate Bush was producing around the time of the Hounds of Love album.

By the end Perun had left us with a desire to listen again. It’s a very satisfying and dramatic piece of work. Maybe you’ll feel the same. Take a listen. If you like it, download it for free. Want more? Then head over to the bands Myspace (by clicking the bands name link above). If you don’t – remember sometimes first impressions don’t count.

Perun will be officially released as a full EP with remixes from Ali Renault, Mat Riviere and Neverest Songs on December 6. The band are also playing a special free lunchtime show at the Union Chapel in Islington, London on the December 11 together with the fantastic ukulele princess Misty Miller.

Perun from Tartaruga Records on Vimeo.

Perun by Bleeding Heart Narrative

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