Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Breton - RDI

One of the biggest clichés for any music blogger is to write the words ‘here’s something that landed in our in box today,’ so please accept this overly long sentence as some sort of wriggling avoidance of that cliché but also at the same time acknowledging that is exactly what happened. What we’re trying to put across like a fumbling schoolboy trying to remove his girlfriend’s bra for the first time is the fact that sometimes even the coolest new music blogger (which thankfully we aren’t, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, cool is transient, music is fashion and the day you become cool is the day you are probably on your way out) isn’t actually out there all the time watching bands on the bottom of a bill of 5 acts in a grotty pub or scouring newly set up Myspace pages for the latest and greatest new talent. No, sorry to spoil any illusion you were under, but sometimes music bloggers, when they’re not sucking the cock of PR companies just open stuff in their email in box, listen to it, think ‘that’s good’, and post it.

That’s how it worked with this track RDI by Breton from their 5 track Counter Balance EP. We listened to its horny mix of ambience, sexy sub-bass and math-rock-guitars and went wow. It’s a fused fallatio of modern creative Britain and is way above average. From the people who brought you the debut by James Blake – Hemlock recordings, this kissed our in box and made it moan with pleasure. Once you’ve experienced the same enjoy the aftermath with Breton’s remix arm pushing out this powerful remix of The Temper Trap featuring Breaking More Waves favourite Kate Tempest who will be releasing her own debut album next year through Sunday Best with her band Sound of Rum. And just to add to the musical intertwining (an orgy if you must) this is not the first time that the work of Breton has appeared on Breaking More Waves, with the video for Out of Time by NewIslands - a song that got us very hot under the collar with capital letters and full stops back in March - being directed by them.

PS: Girls, to avoid the fumbling schoolboy syndrome, and to actually look sexier, remove the bra yourself with a cheeky smile on your face - it's better for everyone. Win win.

Breton - RDI by Hemlockrecordings

TEMPER TRAP / Drum Song - bretonLABS RMX [feat. KATE TEMPEST] by bretonlabs

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Micky said...

I've always struggled with the bra. Big yes to your top tip.