Thursday 9 September 2010

Zola Jesus - Sea Talk

Nika Rosa Danilova aka Zola Jesus has just completed her mini UK tour in Glasgow and is now supporting Fever Ray on a number of dates. With her album Stridulum II gaining some momentum Nika has released a video for our favourite song on the album - Sea Talk. With morgue like military drumming and shadowy synths Sea Talk ruminates on the break down of a relationship. “Give me one more try, before I fall apart, fall into the sky,” Nika sadly intones, her voice deep and authoritative.

The video itself, shot in blue darkness, was inspired by sleepwalkers, caught in their own separate, solitary dream reality and appears to reference Spielberg’s Poltergeist as well as vampire films with its shots of curtains blowing across open windows. Unsettling, intense doom-pop balladry of the highest order that will appeal to those who still cradle records by Bauhaus, Joy Division and Siouxsie Sioux

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