Monday 27 September 2010

Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II

Our recent post about a band who are currently surfing the buzz wave – The Vaccines – suggested that the journey to commercial success is like heading north from the south coast on a dirty bus but then switching to a train halfway. Sometimes artists and bands have to jump the bus and get on that groovy train. Remember White Lies ? Case in point. Rod Thomas has done just that and the results are excellent. Bright Light Bright Light is his new project and Love Part II is the debut release on the Virgin funded Popjustice Hi-Fi label. Even the song is about giving things another go – another attempt at love as it were.

Filled with electronic handclaps and euphoric firework synths that whoosh, sparkle and wriggle around in the sky, Love Part II is a hooky belter. From what we’ve heard of the other Bright Light Bright Light material it’s all equally as loveable, displaying a big nod to 90’s mainstream dance pop culture. One tracked indie kids will vomit in their pints of cider, rock fans will turn their headphones blasting Sepultura up even louder – but those who believe, as we do, that the basic construct of good pop music is made from a great tune that connects and stimulates the mind to leave a feeling of exhilaration will embrace Bright Light Bright Light. Love Part II is out today. If you like it please don’t grab it illegally, do the artist a favour and buy it.

Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II by UniversalMusicPublishing

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