Saturday 18 September 2010

Unicorn Kid - Wild Life

Breaking More Waves favourite hyperactive wonder boy, the superhero of the Atari-chiptune-casiomental revolution is back. It’s time to get acquainted with Unicorn Kid again. Whereas previous release Dream Catcher took the Unicorn Kid sound to uncharted territories of immense proportions Wild Life is more similar to his earlier work - that is to say it's a fried up energy bomb of fun. Already labelled as “A theme tune to something futuristic about a robot dog that cleans up its own poo or something,” by Radio 1’s Rob da Bank, it’s another track that will make music snobs vomit over their alphabetically filed Radiohead back catalogue (“that’s not real music” they’ll growl with disdain) whilst the rest of us can start bouncing the dance floor until we collapse in a joyous sweaty mass.

Like taking a bottle of cola and dropping a pack of mentos in it, with Wild Life Unicorn Kid explodes with fizzy abandon. Proof that computer games can be good for you.

The track is streamed from the You Tube video below and there's also a floor rolling drum and bass remix by Nu:Tone for all the jungle dogs who need their beats

Unicorn Kid - Wild Life (Nu:Tone Remix) by Ministry of Sound

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