Wednesday 1 September 2010

Mirrors - Ways to an End

Our second ‘catch up’ post of the day features another band who we named in our Ones to Watch list at the end of 2009 - Mirrors. The pulsing synthesiser based band inked a deal with Skint records earlier this year and whilst we were having a break last week sneaked out a new single - Ways to an End.

When Mirrors originally came on the scene Kraftwerk comparisons were inevitably rife - suits, motionless performance and keyboards meant that there was always a danger that Mirrors would be seen as just a parody band. However the video for Ways to an End, which was filmed in the Duke of Yorks cinema in Brighton, shows how the group have developed visually at least - watch how the lead singer jerks like he has a pair of jump leads attached to his backside. You certainly would have never seen Ralf, Florian, Karl or Wolfgang grooving like that. Musically maybe Ways to an End sounds a little too stuck in the 80’s, but it will no doubt appeal to fans of the genre - who Mirrors will find themselves facing in their masses when they tour with OMD in Europe in November. The band describe Ways to an End as a ‘seething, waterlogged, saturated yet sprightly groove.’ We consider it more akin to a bubbling synthetic voyage into robot-groove where science lab and disco merge. Judge for yourself whilst watching the video below.

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