Wednesday 22 September 2010

Too Young To Love - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

They’ve composed music for a London catwalk show and been featured in Italian Vogue, yet it seems at the moment Italian modulated future pop band Too Young To Love are keeping things fairly low key. With two previous singles, the limited edition 200 copies 7” of Vault of Heaven / Down To Infinity through Discipline Records and the follow up Frozen Fields through Keep It Yours Records the band have yet to make a huge song and dance about their output, but they’ve picked up coverage from both Artrocker and Dazed & Confused, thus cementing themselves in the higher echelons of cool category.

The band claim that they’re “giving the mainstream new shapes,” and whilst we wouldn’t quite agree that they are hugely original, their constructions beckon you in, like the sinister looking butler standing at the door of a gothic mansion. Doomy dungeon sounds from the Fever Ray camp combined with blasts of pattering, clattering drum beats that remind us a little of some of the tracks from Propaganda’s classic debut A Secret Wish make sure that Down To Infinity fits the gloom pop genre neatly. Frozen Fields (streaming below) is all Jean Michel Jarre lush pop-synths and Pet Shop Boys styled vocal intonation liberated and modernised with an obvious MGMT-ness to it. Whilst we’re throwing references around so liberally we might as well throw in Depeche Mode as well – for just like Basildon’s finest, dark pop electronica is what Too Young To Love do.

Too Young To Love cropped up at Offset festival a few weeks back, and their next live scheduled show is at the music industry shebang that is In The City in Manchester. They're also working with Nick Littlemore (Empire Of The Sun) and will be playing plenty more dates next year.

Too Young To Love - Frozen Fields by OracleMusic Mgmt

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