Tuesday 21 September 2010

Run Toto Run - The Low Blow

The Times Are A-Changin' Bob Dylan once hollered, and so they continue to do so. From the D-Ream of Things Can Only Get Better New Labour to The ConDem-olition of public services, the UK continues to twist and turn.

So do Manchester three-piece Run Toto Run. Out of breezy sunshine folk through to darker rubbery electronic pop masterpieces of crisp bleeps and studio experimentation, the group have been on an epic musical journey over the last year or so. It seems that change is something that propels the band – and today we’re exclusively hosting a new song The Low Blow which also hints at change in life – "Exchange it all for something new, something not yet proven, turn and walk away, like it’s what you do," begins lead singer Rachael over sad minimal synth pulses, until a distant throbbing beat steers the track slowly upwards before the whole thing jet-spouts like the grooviest whale at the disco. The Low Blow downloads for free – and exclusively – just by clicking the arrow below. Improve your life, embrace the change and keep an eye out for more new material from the Run Toto Run camp, as they have an albums worth of tunes recorded.

You can also catch Run Toto Run gigging all over the place, and if we weren’t so far down south there’s a particularly attractive show on the 8th of October where the band play with another Breaking More Waves favourite Visions of Trees and the previously blogged Mount Kimbie in Sheffield. Should be a corker - a bit like this piece of delicious electronica. Hit it.

Run Toto Run - The Low Blow by Breaking More Waves

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