Tuesday 28 September 2010

Kate Walsh - A Little Respect

Earlier we posted the first of two tracks we’re streaming from today that consist of nothing but a female vocal, a piano and something quite moving created out of simplicity. Here’s the second.

Until very recently, when we were invited to DJ at parties or the occasional festival we nearly always brought along a big box of cheese. We were the gorgonzola of DJ’s. Nothing was untouchable – from The Nolans I’m In The Mood For Dancing to Mmm Bop by Hanson, we cut large slices and made people chew on it. However, as any dietician will tell you, consuming too much cheese is not good for you and so a process of metamorphosis was required before we became lactose intolerant. Now, there’s just a small grating of parmesan left on top of our choices of tunes – but when we do drop an 80’s synth ‘classic’ we find that A Little Respect by Erasure always gets a huge reaction – and we don’t mean emptying the dance floor. The reason why A Little Respect connects with people is quite simply it’s a great song.

Kate Walsh, the only unsigned artist to have an I Tunes no.1 album in the US and the UK knows this - it’s one of the songs that she has decided to record for her new album - Peppermint Radio, a collection of cover versions. Kate has chosen a remarkable set of songs - not always ‘classics’ but ones which have meaning for Kate herself. Tracks such as Monochrome by The Sundays and Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead sit alongside Move Any Mountain by pop-ravers The Shamen and Unbelievable by Forest of Dean indie dance gang EMF. It’s quite an assortment, but they are all in their own way quite brilliant tracks.

For A Little Respect, Kate delivers a poignantly touching and intimate version of the Erasure hit. It’s time to take a couple of minutes away from life and enjoy its autumnal feel.

Kate Walsh is out on tour in the UK this November, and we thoroughly recommend that you catch this lovely songstress and enjoy her confessional moments of beauty.

KATE WALSH::Single -A Little Respect by GoodSeedPR

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