Monday 20 September 2010

The Good Natured - Prisoner

If you search the internet for The Good Natured, the chances are that you may well come across “Juice that doesn’t cost the earth.” This Costa Rican environmental liquid freshness may be rather thirst quenching, but it certainly wouldn’t be what we were looking for. The Good Natured we’re talking about is one Sarah McIntosh who, since we first posted about her back in March 2009, has slowly been developing her songs and her image – a blend of reasonably accessible electronic pop with gothic / fetish undertones. In a world that seems to be dominated by big voiced female singers, it’s rather refreshing to hear Sarah’s slightly one key couldn’t care less vocals – it’s like suddenly realising that you’ve been hanging out with the same bunch of friends for too long and have forgotten that anyone else exists.

The Good Natured will soon to be releasing a new single, entitled Be My Animal. “I am searching for you, I’m following,” Sarah begins, displaying slightly stalker like tendencies before delivering the sprightly hook line “Wo-oh-oh be my animal.” Her vocal reminds us very much of another Sarah – one Sarah Blackwood from mid-90’s electronic pop group Dubstar.

The song is backed by an even better tune Prisoner. In an about face move The Good Natured are releasing a video for this song rather than the lead track, although a video for Be My Animal will surface very soon. Girls, if you watch the Prisoner video, which was directed by Lorenzo Ricciarelli, this really is a lesson in how not to do your make up. It was inspired by the film Tie Me Up Tie Me Down by Pedro Almodovar.
Lyrically Prisoner touches on dark ideas of a trapped relationship and the physical and emotional powers lovers have within it. “How I love it when you put me in a place that’s out of sight, I never see the day, never see the light.” On the basis of these words we certainly wouldn’t want Sarah as our girlfriend – she seems a little scary on record at least, but we’ll quite happily have her music.

You can grab Prisoner below for free download by clicking on the arrow and also see the video.

The Good Natured - Prisoner by partisanpr

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