Monday 13 September 2010

Clare Maguire - Ain't Nobody

It’s finally here. Since our early support for Clare Maguire we now see a fully fledged video and single release by Clare on the 18th October through Polydor. It’s called Ain’t Nobody.

Strident and passionate, Clare Maguire’s thunderous vocal throws itself across a soundtrack of moodily orchestrated music. Quite simply, it's a song that creates goosebumps.

There’s no doubt that Clare will be compared with a multitude of other eminent female singers out there, and the naysayers will say that we really don’t need another one. Our reply to such comments is that firstly Clare is a voice in her own right and second, please at least realise that female is a gender not a genre.

Enjoy the windswept glory of Ain’t Nobody by Clare Maguire, the video for which was shot in northern Spain. It streams below together with a remix from Memory Tapes for your download pleasure. Our single of the month. No question.

Clare Maguire Ain't Nobody (Memory Tapes Remix Edit) by Breaking More Waves

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